Saturday, 12 January 2008

My head is going to explode!

I can't get the rescuing scene right!!

Problemos problemos:
1. Judging by the amount of post it notes, it looks like my animation is way over the maximum of 3 minutes but then I can't say that for sure just by looking at it and timing it in my head. Stupid.
2. Jump shots, jump shots everywhere. I can't get around it.
3. Running out of post its... Why don't they make post it notes 16:9? You would think someone would've requested it. I should!
4. Why oh why did I not just do short stories??
5. I can't show anybody what I am talking about because I haven't even blogged the storyboard.
6. Dissertation.

I'm going back to staring at the storyboard again now. Should really be doing my dissertation but I can't move on to that until I am slightly satisfied with the storyboard...dilemmaaaaaaaaargh..

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