Monday, 14 January 2008

It's 19:05...

...chocolate overload, alone and waiting to watch Jesus Camp.

Had a one to one tutorial with Lloyd Burr today. He's an ex-NSAD animator student. It was helpful but, it sort of confirmed that my animation does look like it'll be over the maximum time. However, I still need to make a timed animatic of it just to be sure. Also he suggested that the bearded lady doesn't reveal herself until the rescue scene. I wasn't sure at first because the bathroom scene was the first thing I thought about in the storyboard and I always play it again and again in my head but yeah, it makes perfect sense. That also means it has shortened the film by a few seconds. Yay! I'm nearly happy with the storyboard so far. Aiming to get it done before Suzie's tutorial tomorrow.

Besides updating the blog, I am currently sketching character design and looking for images of newspaper stalls. The studio will be closing soon, so I'm migrating to the SUbar with the possibility of tea overload, alone and waiting to watch Jesus Camp.

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