Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Hairy decisions...

I was going to ask other people's opinion of which hair she should have but then after pondering and a few votes, I think it's best when her hair isn't so big.  

Also suggestions on title without giving away too much?  Row suggested "Hair of Mystery", o ho!

Not much. Doodles of character.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Unfair...she still looks hot with a beard!

Ok, no animatic yet but LOOK! Niall sent me a pic of a bearded Salma Hayek.  Very well photoshopped.  Martin pointed out that she looks like his dad, but he is looking at her from the other side of the studio. Apparently, she's going to star as Madame Truska in Cirque du Freak, which I really want to see when it comes out.  I wonder if beards on ladies will be in fashion after this film and my soon to be amazing masterpiece animation...ha ha haaaa...SIGH.

Bearded ladies revolution!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Mim's present

Made a Rod Stewart cushion.
It's our in-joke.
No one gets it.

In Mim's crib, innit.

This is Miriam. She does design for publishing. I steal her cookies and milk and distract her from working. That is my job. Also I'm leeching her internet.

Animatic is rather delayed but still aiming to finish by tomorrow. Some time in the evening though...
Things to do:
1. line test
2. scan character design & style of animation

I really don't feel like spending the rest of the day staring at the computer on AFX...nor do I feel like walking back home in the horrible wet Norwich. Someone should hurry up in inventing the teleport machine or maybe I just have to pass my driving test.

Boo to yellow Post-it notes!!! Just the yellow ones.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Coming soon...

...hopefully by Monday, an animatic of my storyboard.  Badly drawn but it'll be done.  Having trouble with some of the rescuing actions and the interior of the bearded lady's house.  Anyway, need opinion once I've put up the animatic.  Currently in studio, getting my storyboard roughly done for animatic.  It's Miriam's birthday bash tonight so I'm not sure how much I'll get done.  So I better log out and get on with it.  Ciao :D

Still no internet at home. 

Monday, 14 January 2008

It's 19:05...

...chocolate overload, alone and waiting to watch Jesus Camp.

Had a one to one tutorial with Lloyd Burr today. He's an ex-NSAD animator student. It was helpful but, it sort of confirmed that my animation does look like it'll be over the maximum time. However, I still need to make a timed animatic of it just to be sure. Also he suggested that the bearded lady doesn't reveal herself until the rescue scene. I wasn't sure at first because the bathroom scene was the first thing I thought about in the storyboard and I always play it again and again in my head but yeah, it makes perfect sense. That also means it has shortened the film by a few seconds. Yay! I'm nearly happy with the storyboard so far. Aiming to get it done before Suzie's tutorial tomorrow.

Besides updating the blog, I am currently sketching character design and looking for images of newspaper stalls. The studio will be closing soon, so I'm migrating to the SUbar with the possibility of tea overload, alone and waiting to watch Jesus Camp.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

No internet.

Our house isn't a happy house without the internet. I curse Tiscali. I'm currently on Chris' so I can't write much. Also nothing much to say. Boring daaaaaaaaaaaay. Chris is so tidy and clean. Everything is neatly stacked. Neeeeerd, which is the subject of my dissertation! Geek rather... Chris has just informed me of this

No one told me there is a book on it. Anyway, got to go home. It's late.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

My head is going to explode!

I can't get the rescuing scene right!!

Problemos problemos:
1. Judging by the amount of post it notes, it looks like my animation is way over the maximum of 3 minutes but then I can't say that for sure just by looking at it and timing it in my head. Stupid.
2. Jump shots, jump shots everywhere. I can't get around it.
3. Running out of post its... Why don't they make post it notes 16:9? You would think someone would've requested it. I should!
4. Why oh why did I not just do short stories??
5. I can't show anybody what I am talking about because I haven't even blogged the storyboard.
6. Dissertation.

I'm going back to staring at the storyboard again now. Should really be doing my dissertation but I can't move on to that until I am slightly satisfied with the storyboard...dilemmaaaaaaaaargh..

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

It's late but...

I've been meaning to post some things a while ago such as this comic I did during art foundation at City College Brighton & Hove 2004/05. Looking back, it's disgustingly cheesier than it was at the time. Nonetheless, it was published with my classmate's comics on Ace Comics. I would like to point out that I didn't choose the font for my thumbnail on the cover. Enjoy.

Also this cute creature is from Bas! Reminder: he was my dutch animation partner for the Breda project. Hum, just realised I haven't uploaded the unfinished final film of Ian & Lam's Counting Sheep...

One more thing

I forgot to add. I had a tutorial with Keith Tutt earlier on and he seems pretty happy with what I've got so far. However, there's going to be some slight changes in parts of the story. Also he commented on a few camera shots and jump shots...aargh, I thought I know what I am doing. Clearly noooot. Anyway, I am going to revise through my storyboard and hopefully scan the rough version tomorrow to blog. So much to do guys...not to mention, dissertation. Argh, that word kills... Speak later.

What gives?? An update?? Shocking...

Yes, I am rubbish, but it's okay now because I'm making it up by putting another moodboard. Not just that either! Oh no, you will now read what's my animation is going to be about. It'll be boring written words with no pictures though at the moment. Next step is to blog the storyboard. One at a time, yes? Another thing, I'm not very good at writing but hopefully the synopsis below will make sense.


Bearded lady is a former circus freak who has settled down in a small town. She's aware that outside the circus world, no one will accept her as she is. So she shies away in her circus memorabilia filled home most of the time. Summer is her dreaded season. She would have to shave her beard and since the temperature is too hot, her beard will just grow quicker than usual. So she gave all that up and just let it be. An alternative way is to dye and wrap it around her neck as a scarf, but it was pretty strange to wear one during a hot summer's day. This of course has caught the attention of a bald newspaper seller. Even though they didn't actually have a conversation, she was happy that he spoke to her. She never had that with anyone in this town. That is one reason she chose to live there, people seem keep their business to themselves, but she then realised how lonely it feels. From that moment, the bearded lady took a special interest in the man. Every so often she would buy a newspaper, just so she can get a little attention from him. The newspapers she bought pile up at home and unread. Her disguise unveils as she sacrificed her appearance to rescue newspaper man with her beard.

Bald man is a very friendly and charming man, who'll greet anyone that passes by his newspaper stall. Most people would say he's the happiest person in town. One hot day, he noticed a woman wearing a scarf. She left him fascinated. The usual times when she will buy a newspaper, he will say hello but the lady returns the gesture with a bashful smile. Every opportunity he tries to talk to her, she hurries away. Until one winter's day, the lady forgot to take her paid newspaper. He saw this as an excuse and chance to catch up with her. As he ran after her, he slipped on the icy bridge and fell off the edge. However, he was rather lucky to hold on to a bit of the bridge. He was then rescued by the lady. He didn't realise what he was holding on to until he saw that it was the lady's beard!


It's summer, sun's out, ice cream van's out and the town's people are out wearing something as light as possible. A young boy out with his mother stood in front of a newspaper stand. The bald man that tends the stall, starts making a paper hat to amuse the child. As his mother called out for him, he notices another customer intensely reading the main headline about an incident at a circus. The peculiar thing about this customer is that she wears a scarf around her neck. Maybe she has cold neck? He thought. So he asked if she wasn't too hot. His voice startled her a bit as if no one has ever spoken to her. Nervously, she shook her head and hand him money to leave quickly. Leaving the bald man curious as to who the mysterious lady was.

Autumn came and bald man tries to catch the newspapers that was blown by the wind. Bearded lady appeared and handed a few papers she seem to have picked up to help him. Bald man thanked her, she smiled and left as usual. As he was about to call out, he stopped because she was a rather fast walker. She heads home to her comfort zone. Her house is the only one that has high hedges. That is to reassure her that no one will ever find out. She looked at her newly purchased newspaper and sighs. Another day of not saying a word to bald man. How pathetic she thinks. The rooms are decorated with circus related memorabilia of posters, banners, costumes and farewell gifts from her circus friends. Through the doorway of her bathroom, she washes her face and beard, leaving her sink with dried and fresh dye. As she does everyday, she stares at herself in the mirror while drying her long beard with the same sad expression.

(OK, not sure about the next scene that is set in winter)
A fairly large lady tells bald man to get well soon, bearded lady came by as usual. As she was about to pay, bald man shivers and gave a huge sneeze. Bearded lady pops her hat onto his head and hurries away. She walked away faster than usual because she felt out of character. He called out for her, “Lady! Lady!' for he has no idea what her name is. So many people were doing their Christmas shopping that day that they're all bashing into each other. Unfortunately, the slippery bridge and the amount of people with bags causes bald man to fall off the edge. Bearded lady saw this happened and ran to the edge to see if he's okay. Fortunately, he held on to a part of the bridge. The lady then unfolds her beard to rescue him. People were cheering but stopped when they realised that she has a beard. Bald man was out of breath and quite shock too. She didn't stay long and runs away as she has expected this is what's going to happen as the result of her action.

A headline is showing an exclusive interview with a heroic bearded woman. The headline is on a newspaper that is laying on the bald man's lap. He comfortably has his head on the bearded lady's shoulder, while her beard gently sits on top of his head. They're in a park where the cherry blossoms blooms in springtime.