Sunday, 2 March 2008


I've done the animatic. Not 100% happy with it and it'll take forever to upload on youtube and I'll have to half it (need to figure out how to make it super small to be able to upload it as a whole animatic. I mean I've rendered it as a draft and half the resolution. Then on Final Cut, changed it into the format suitable for the internet...nada nada nada). So tonight, I give you the background sky. It's a test, but I will use it for the final film after I've jazzed them up in photoshop. The object at the bottom is is a trunkless tree. The top is the summer sky and below it is the spring sky and where the credit is going to roll. I've used the knowledge from the two day animation workshop at Chiddingly Festival to make this. Basically, easy peasy, coloured tissue paper stuck on tracing paper and then shone a light from the back, *click* et voila. Next step is to upload the animatic...

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