Friday, 30 November 2007

I give you moodboard!

Images I've printed off from the internet to get the feeling of what I want in my final film. I want to do another one because it's rather lame getting images from just the internet but, this will do so far. My aim is to make a bible for the post-production of this project. Anyway, got to dash. Millions of things to do. Oh ya, last night I had a blast from the past. I read a comic strip I did in art foundation (2004/5) from a magazine that I never received! I'll speak more about it later and might post the comic!

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paula said...

Hi Rachinta mood board is beautiful! Have a look at Bakhtin who is a theorist looking at the social function of carnival, how in all societies for just one day in the year the order of society is upturned and the low become the high in carnival.....

good luck with your work