Thursday, 11 October 2007

Character design for BREDA

This is Ian the corgi. He's an old dog who can't walk properly (so bending his knees is a little bit of a challenge) and is rather senile. Besides using his stick for walking, he also uses it to poke things out of curiosity. His right ear twitches now and again if something irritates him, especially with his case of OCD. Ian rarely speaks, but does grumbles a lot.


Bas Hesen said...

Hi Rachinta, A brilliant character design and a hilarious description of his nature. I guess the next step is for us to do some brainstorming...I`ve placed my email on my blog, so please contact me...
greets from holland

Bianca Ansems said...

I love love love love love this character. I thought it was something else hanging between his legs at first glance (when I saw it on the webcam that thursday) hah! good luck with the project :]